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Perhaps you joined me on my vacay from blogging as The Technologist’s Wife, over here to Saturday’s Longitude — or maybe to my super spin-off blog, Diary of 2012. In an attempt to slow down, and go back to my Tech Wife identity — meet me (starting – now!) at The Technologist’s Wife for a fresh start this spring!


happy place

Somewhere between graduating college, getting married and having a baby (newsflash!) my tastes have changed.

The things I thought I enjoyed, I’m not sure if I actually enjoy them. Like, yoga. A practice I have flirted with on and off since my teens … do I feel like going to a yoga class (other than a baby and me yoga class)? No. I don’t.

I’m a classically trained opera singer. Does this mean I’m out and about at choir rehearsals or teaching voice lessons? No. But I hope Max likes his Mama’s well trained voice.

So, what do I like doing now? Aside from spending all my free time with my family, I’ve found the things I actually make time for include:

blogs — which I think falls into writing/reading

taking walks — this sounds like exercise

furniture — man, that sounds pretty boring, but I love browsing furniture stores. Confession: I’ve made it to Restoration Hardware two weekends in a row!

coffee — yeah, it used to be wine. red wine. wine tasting. Now, I’m already falling asleep by 8:30! Wine would surely shorten my night!

mommy things — cloth diapers, breastfeeding, ya know, that sort of thing. Bring on the parenting magazines!

fashion/clothes — mostly talking about fantasizing about Zulily here, but I get excited about the concept of going on a fall/winter after baby shopping spree. Also, in love with thinking about buying baby clothes — can’t resist Baby Gap!

cooking — dinnertime is usually a success if there’s a hot meal on the table every night of the work week, but on the weekends, I love making waffles with my new waffle maker, brewing coffee and anything else that strikes me.

So, it’s low key stuff. But these things make me happy.

Now, if I only had the discipline to write about all these things in this blog on a daily basis. That’s the goal.

Still holding off on making Pinterest a hobby, but how I would love to create a collection of Living Room ideas.

Here’s the Living Room look I’m in love with right now.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware Living Room

on (not) writing

Finding time to write is hard. With a 2 hour commute, full time job, husband and the newest gig of them all — a 2nd full time job as a new mom — writing  just really goes by the wayside.

I’m envious of those of you who have time to unwind and write. I’m sure it’s not as easy as you make it look, but you’re sure fooling me!  You take stunning photographs and disclose heartfelt anecdotes about your innermost feelings to the world. So eloquent. Even the most haphazard posting is a musing from a poet laureate. One thing leads to another, and suddenly, you’ve got an audience. Hundreds. Even, thousands! Companies are rewarding you with high end strollers and cloth diaper give-aways and free breast pumps and I’m still at the point where I’m barely disclosing enough information, hemming and hawing over whether or not to post a Halloween picture of my kid. It truly is a world of “you get what you give.”

Can there be a balance? Mom on a Rampage bubbles up the dark side of mommy blogging on a great recent post. And then there are bloggers like Amalah, so hilarious, heartfelt (there’s that word again) and entertaining, I feel like I’m watching a well written sitcom on prime time TV. (Probably in the Wednesday evening time slot, after Modern Family.)

I mention these bloggers because they are some of my favorites. I admire their writing. I have discussed my struggle with letting go and writing for an audience in one of my other blogs, The Technologist’s Wife. And I’m really just putting all that out there.

I think the key is to keep writing. Develop a rhythm. Eventually an “audience” and see what happens.

Anyway, now that I’ve addressed that, I’m hoping I won’t delete my blog just to start one again on 1/1/2012 in hopes that that will be the blog that wins me fortune, fame, free diapers and klout.

Seriously preoccupied with: Restoration Hardware | Baby Gap | Natural Teething Remedies

we did it all

This October we:

  • roasted pumpkin seeds
  • went on 2 hayrides
  • picked out 5 pumpkins
  • drank a lot of hot apple cider
  • made chili
  • put orange lights outside
  • carved a very scary 20 lb pumpkin
  • sang Halloween songs
  • went to our subdivision’s fall festival
  • made pumpkin muffins
  • made pumpkin oatmeal
  • went to a 1 year old’s birthday party at a pumpkin patch
  • ate candied apples
  • took long walks
  • celebrated 2 anniversaries and a birthday
  • watched the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, darker and colder

guilty pleasure friday

These aren’t even really MY guilty pleasures, but guilty pleasure most females enjoy. So, just play along …
Today I had a chocolate muffin because @ lizrawr tweeted this:
“Oh, mixed berry muffin. You are just not as delicious or appealing as your chocolate cousin.”
and … I just had. to have. one.
Max has got his first birthday invite on Sunday, and Mama wants to look as cute as her son — who will be wearing this AWESOME shearling trapper hat (I almost can’t stand the cuteness!), and this gingham bodysuit. I’m going to swing by Zara sometime today, and I’m eyeing the twisted yarn sweater on the pricier side, or a steal like this openwork sweater for only $19.99.
I’m back from shopping, and I actually bought some things. 1) A V-Neck Jumper in Yellow and 2) an emerald green Organic Cotton Boat Neck T-Shirt
I was hoping to find one of those scarves, maybe like this thick knit collar one, so I stopped into H&M — but the line was too long. Then, I ran into Anthropologie and was thisclose to buying this scalloped pointelle loop scarf in yellow, but I couldn’t justify spending $38 on a scarf and not a cozy sweater.
Would you have splurged on the scarf?

Not without my wallet

Living out of 2 or 3 bags over the weekend (diaper bag, etc), makes it challenging to make it to work on Monday morning with all the right stuff. Stuff like my wallet. I realized this when I was boarding my train this morning. I. Forgot. My. Wallet.

What this means?

I may starve unless I can find change somewhere in my desk.

I’ll have to wander to other buildings to find the free coffee in the building.

I won’t be able to buy anything online. (Reminds me. I was eyeing the Free Shipping over at Kelly’s Closet this weekend, but I missed it.)

So far the food and coffee situation have been OK. I brought a huge cup of homemade oatmeal in with me, and a Luna bar for later. I even caught up with a coworker from a past life, who was actually hanging right around the Flavia machine. That was cool. As for scrounging around for change at my desk. I found $1.46.


Yeah, I had a bagel. For 80 cents. Don’t even ask how I spiced it up, seeing that they were throwing the bagels away by 1:30 in the afternoon.

Tomorrow, I will remember! At least I learned a lesson in being resourceful.

Walking to the other building for the fancy/free coffee can be a good thing. You never know who you’ll meet along the way.

30 percent off baby gap

Baby Gap is having a sale today.

I’ve rarely buy clothes for Max because he has such great ones from his buddy Brady, but we’re going to Brady’s 1 year birthday party in a couple of weeks, and I really don’t want Max in Brady’s duds. Plus, he’s meeting a lot of other baby friends for the first time. This probably sounds ridiculous.

So, I splurged and ordered him a Gingham bodysuit in Fall Beige (we’re going to a pumpkin patch, so I wanted him to look the part — but not too much of a country bumpkin baby in overalls or heavy plaid — though I was tempted!)

and this Shearling trapper hat. I hope it’s just not too big for his head!